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  • Brian Smolens

    Upgrading a previously $139 million property, apparently on spec, doesn’t make a whole lot of sense. Ditto for building an underground go-kart track in the basement that is so small that a 6-year old would quickly tire of it. This is FL, land of eternal sunshine, or whatever. It would have made more sense to lease land from Pompano Beach Airpark and build something usable, even though not in, or under, the property. At least it would be usable, interesting and challenging, but I guess they were shooting for unique and idiotic.

  • Grrrowler

    For a $20,000,000 premium those guest houses had better be something special. The proposed basement rec room sure doesn’t warrant the added cost.

  • Daniel

    Considering I drive by this on a daily basis, I’ve been curious what they were planning for the lot next door. Now I know. With that said, a home of this size and quality really is only suitable for Palm Beach and maybe one or two neighborhoods in the Miami area. But this is essentially Pompano Beach. Completely overbuilt for the area. A white elephant that will be lucky to recoup half of its supposed cost to build. Given the choice, I’d much prefer Al Malnik’s manison in Ocean Ridge (which this home clearly took inspiration from). Or you could probably knock on Sydell Miller’s door/gate and get an incredible home in an appropriate location for the same price.

  • horselips

    Before I spend $159 million on somebody else’s idea of a dream house, I’d like to explore my own ideas with a few architects and builders, and see just what a mere $100 million might buy. I might be very happy with that, and keeping $59 million in my pocket might make me even happier.

  • Pierre

    This mansion has everything, but for some reason I don’t find it desirable. It’s just… too much. Too much white, too much space… it looks “expensive” but it’s not beautiful. In other words, it has no soul.

  • Atlas

    This house looks awful, it has no character, not innovation and the design just doesn’t work.

  • Atlas

    This house looks awful, it has no character, not innovation and the design just doesn’t work.

  • Anon

    ‘Le Palais Royale’: *cringe*. Sounds like the kind of person who would ruin his Rolls Royce Phantom with 22in gold diamond-encrusted wheels and a spoiler.


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