Colonial Stucco Mansion In Buckeystown, MD For Just $1.5 Million | Homes of the Rich – The #1 Real Estate Blog


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  • horselips

    Eighty-five hundred square feet on six point five acres, all yours for $1.499 million. Seemed too good to be true. But wait, the elevation is classy, detailed, and almost stately. Very attractive. Well then, the interior must suck. But wait again, it duzzint! Inside, this is a lovely mansion – tastefully embellished without excess, stone flooring, high volume great room, some very nice windows, and ceiling treatments, even decent chandeliers (burned out bulbs need changing in the dining room). Obviously a fine architect and a competent builder – not a dollar was wasted – the owner got full value for his investment. Extremely well done.

  • Andy Harriman

    Awful interior. Strip it, remodel, throw away the pretentious decor. Give it a fresh look.


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