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  • Barnabus Samuel

    Gorgeous place but it’s inarguable and very big (literally!) “Achilles Heel” is its (for the most part) truly useless size. The mega-rich just will NEVERRRR understand that the VAST majority of their fellow mega-rich, Potential Buyers just do NOT have huge families anymore and that trend stopped, along ALL socioeconomic levels roughly 85 years ago. Alas……those with that kind of stupid money will continue to augment (or THINK they’re augmenting) their micro-penises and MEGA-egos’ with gargantuan-sized, for the most part useless “Homes” like these. Ya’ gotta’ love the mega-rich in the U.S…….they love to piss away their money on the delusional saying “MORE IS ALWAYS BETTER”.

    • horselips

      Sammy baby, chill…relax…take your meds. A 7 bedroom mansion is not excessive, even for a small family. A great estate must anticipate and accommodate all of its owner’s needs, now and in the future.
      My wife and I had just 2 kids, but we bought a 5 bedroom house. It wasn’t long before all the bedrooms were being used for varying lengths of time, including one set aside for my dear ol’ mom with Alzheimer’s. Just because the kids grow up and move out doesn’t mean you now have spare bedrooms – kids come home to visit, go back to college, they come home for a lot of reasons, and they’re often not alone – they bring their friends, spouses and the grandchildren. Square footage (and bedrooms) are like ammunition – when you need it, you can’t have too much.

      • Barnabus Samuel

        Horsey baby……..Shove your insult, condescening attitude and blather sadly masquerading as reason that you’ve tried to apply to all very high end potential buyers. I am a Professional Photographer in the highest income areas of southeastern Michigan and have shot about 150 homes from 1 mil & up over the past 4.5 years. The trend for all home buyers, from the very modest to the most incomprehensibly expensive has been, for the past 20 years is that they spend shorter & shorter amounts of time living in and/or owning them. That time is down to (generally) 5 to 7 years now. Buyers who stay in their huge homes for the length of time you say are extremely endangered. And homes that size have become an increasingly hard sell in all but the most monied areas of the country. Nice for the 1%, naturally…..of which I think you probably are or are at least very close to it hence your thinking. And I’m sorry that your Mom has Alzheimers, even though I think from your former comments (re: your copying & pasting the “piece ” about gun sales pertaining to my comments about the huge 5,000 acre hunting lodge here in Michigan about a month or so ago) on this blog, we’re blood enemies, politically.


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