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  • horselips

    Five Thousand Acres (!!!) Never mind trying to peddle your barn collection for mere millions, instead, just call The Donald and a couple of years from now it will be a billion dollar golf resort with a yacht club and an Indian casino. Just sit back, watch it happen, and laugh all the way to what will be your very own bank.

  • Barnabus Samuel

    Well, first things first……….the property is definitely the trophy kind and I’m sure it’s a real paradise and the buildings are, I’m sure, built to last forever and are astounding in their design and “feel”.

    HOWEVER…….The inarguable “Number One’ rule of selling the real estate has been absolutely trashed here……THE PHOTOS ARE HORRIBLE and the Sellers should be LIVID with their Listing Agent because there is NO excuse for them and it’s even worse that they’re asking FOURTY MILLION dollars for this listing and the Agent themself or another amateur obviously walked around with a point-and-shoot camera or, very possibly, their camera phone FOR GODS’ SAKE. I used to be a high-end Realtor and have been for the past 4.5 years a Photographer that specializes in high-to-very-high-end listings and have come across a good number of homes (albiet single family homes 1/100th the size) that have LOTS of horrible dead animals in them, pathetically masquerading as “interior design” and the rooms of those listings with them in them are TRULY revolting. Even up there, the days of “the great white hunter” are (very fortunately) EXTINCT and the first thing that needs to happen is to have EVERY last one of those poor dead animals removed and DESTROYED, then have at least the main house thoroughly cleaned and seriously staged. Then it absolutely MUST be photographed by a PROFESSIONAL including all exterior pics and at least one or two of the guest houses/outbuildings included in that shoot. The entire listing would then TRULY SHINE and capture the all important eyes of Potential Buyers because I speak from experience and knowledge…….women still drive the majority of residential real estate purchases and women today are, for the large part, horrified by any room or house “decorated” in an “early taxidermy” style,,,,,,,guaranteed. I’d love to see all the above done to the letter and THEN anyone would be able to see what the place REALLY looks like, which I’m sure is breath taking and then MIGHT be able to support that gargantuan asking price.

    • tennis4life

      you right about the photos, this property was featured way back in an issue of architectural digest that I owned, I liked it and it was bought by someone who had admired the property cant quite recall but it had undergone a significant restoration either in the 80″s or early nineties. They should just use those AR photos and a link to that article. And again that whole trophy hunt theme is sad to say the least!!!

      • Barnabus Samuel

        Understood about the reno, what a travesty though that you don’t see any real, major evidence of it in these photos. And as far as the ones in Architectural Digest go, there’s no way they could use those old, old pics………any real estate that is for sale must be photographed as it currently appears…….if not, it’s called “misrepresentation” which you can be sued for. Also the magazine owns those images and would never sell them to be used for sale.

    • horselips

      “It ain’t what you don’t know that gets you into trouble, it’s what you know for sure, that just ain’t so.” – Mark Twain
      Women are taking to hunting like never before. The number of women hunters has spiked 25% between 2006 and 2011, and according to another study, 72% more women are hunting with firearms today than just 5 years ago. Similar increases are seen in target, recreational and sport shooting as well. According to the NSSF, 73% of gun dealers reported big surges in women gun buyers, and all state governments have seen a huge spike in women applying for concealed carry permits. Quality firearms are expensive, as is quality ammunition, and hunting gear even more so – these aren’t just low and middle class babes getting involved – lots of rich chicks too. Lock & Load!

      • Barnabus Samuel

        Am I supposed to be intimidated into quivering silence by your complete and utter, fly covered, steaming mountain of NRA BULLLLLLLLLLLLLLL SHIT??

        • Barnabus Samuel

          Just like a GUN NUT…..can’t come back with a LOGICAL rebuttal.


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