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  • horselips

    Just to contemplate and build such a lovely mansion at the end of the Civil War in the utterly devastated South is remarkable. Apparently, New Orleans, because of its early capture by Union forces, fared better than many other Southern cities that suffered siege and bombardment. It is a bit over-furnished, enough that the intrinsic beauty of the building itself is overwhelmed and stifled by all the bric-a-brac and kitsch; a great house should be allowed to speak for itself as well as for its owner. Bottom line – both the original architect/builder/owner and the restorer-renovator had a clear comprehension of the essentials of truly gracious living. Extremely well done.

  • Christopher

    It’s very lovely. But it’s slightly off in terms of accuracy. Too much beige. It lacks color. By 1860, the Victorian style was well underway and sweeping the nation. The homes of wealthy southern planters were no different. Walls were dark greens, deep reds, luscious blues, bright yellows. Otherwise, it’s a job well done and a phenomenal house with a price tag (originally it asked $10 million+) that’s far more realistic.


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