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  • C E

    Cedarbrook Dr is a tiny little street off Goldwater Canyon surrounded by mediocre homes…. can’t imagine this fitting in, or where its lot even is for that matter.

  • AndrewF

    Can’t comment on the proposed location, but I like the design.

    • AndrewF

      … although I really think all these open hanging areas should have barriers of some sort, especially the driveway. Isn’t there some building code to that effect?
      Anyway, it just seems like a good idea – you wouldn’t want your Lamborghini drive off the edge and into the pool below 🙂

    • Bill_N

      It’s amazing how much this place is lacking in personality.

  • Christopher

    Even with the floor plans to this house on the website, I still don’t understand it and how it flows. That ain’t good. It appears cold and lifeless. The firm has far better work on their website.

    • AndrewF

      The video on their website shows it quite clearly, I thought.

  • Bill

    Confused as to where the house’s lot is. That road is pretty average but it is right beside Palazzo Di Amore.

    • Bill_N

      Simple. Either it’ll go right up the hill, or else one or two of those existing homes will be razed.

  • Barnabus Samuel

    As usual ad naseum here, the human ego is yet again run PSYCHOTICALLY AMOK here. ANY, repeat ANY Owner/Builder/Architect who’s wants and has designed a Costco-sized warehouse pitifully trying to masquerade as ANY type of “home” has abysmally failed, JUST from their beginning thought to do so.

    There is NO creating an airport-sized-building-as-single-family-home that has ever been done successfully. Revolting on every possible level from (as I said) from the very first thought to create it. Let alone the last finishing touch.

  • horselips

    If you took picture #1, and labeled it “New Office Complex” or “Spa and Rehab Center,” or even “NSA – CIA Regional Training Headquarters,” and showed it to a hundred people, they would all nod approvingly. Not a one would scratch his head and say, “but it looks like a modern single-family mega-residence.” And that’s because it doesn’t look like one. There’s not a single domestic inch in any of this. This is a monument to industrial-corporate-commercial design. The only redeeming feature is the huge parking lot and garage, filled with fast cars, assuring all who are lured within, easy access to a fast escape out.


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