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  • Nick

    This home is right down the street from the home of my husband and I. It is owned by Supreme Court justice Robin Davis and lawyer Scott Segal. I have been to many fundraisers and events at this home. The interior design and decor could use some work but, in person this home is very elegant inside. The ceiling height in the foyer is very tall. The home cost just under $7 million to build and the foundation was poured 3 separate times to get a perfect view of downtown and the capitol complex. It is located in a posh development named Quarry Creek. The homes here range from $1.5 million to about $8 million. $17 million for this home and for a home in this city is a huge stretch of the imagination. I think they are betting on the fact that this is the largest home for some many miles. You will find many homes in Quarry Creek averaging about 10,000 square feet and in the neighboring, almost equally posh, development, Fox Chase. The closest quality of home to this one would be, an 18,000 square foot mansion in Henderson, WV with 100s of acres or a 19,000 square foot penthouse condo in Morgantown, WV, I think that is listed at $8 million. Overall, it’s a super nice house for about $9- 9.5 million, if you have a reason to live in Charleston.

  • horselips

    FINALLY – an architect who comprehends the immeasurable value of volume. The monumental 3 story foyer, the numerous other 2 story rooms, and the elaborate cabinetry and paneling equals character, which allows the mansion to speak for itself, regardless of the furniture and other flotsam and jetsam owners bring in.


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