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  • horselips

    First, for nearly $17 million, there’s not enough land (I don’t care where it is) to take this listing seriously. Second, there are precious few spaces in this mansion worth anywhere near $1,000/square foot. Conclusion: Epic fail.

    • Christopher

      It was built 1939 making it one of the original houses in River Oaks. The lot sits between Inwood and Del Monte aka right in the heart of old River Oaks. Location wise, it’s near perfect. Nearly everyone approaching the River Oaks Country Club passes this house. That alone justifies the $10 million+ asking price. And in a city where it’s one’s civic duty to flaunt their wealth, that’s kinda important. Sure it needs updating but the house directly across the street also got $11.5 million two years ago and was 2/3 the size of this. I don’t think the $17 million is justifiable but it’ll sell for at least $14 million.


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