$10 Million Italian Inspired Mansion On 35 Acres In Pittsburgh, PA | Homes of the Rich – The #1 Real Estate Blog


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  • horselips

    My head explodes over the detailing! What an architect! What a builder! And what a world they have imagined, and created. Every room, every hall, the elevation, the landscaping, every inch inside and out has been lovingly and carefully conceived and executed. This mansion isn’t just the usual collection of enlarged and upgraded rooms, and it’s not a tacky faux retro-mansion poorly aping some bygone style. Inside and out, it’s a magic carpet ride – authentic and real – right out of the combined imaginations of Stanley Kubrick and Rod Serling. It’s 21st century Barry Lyndon with electricity. A masterpiece at the price of, well, a masterpiece. ‘Sigh.’

  • NightMoves

    Great job photographing the house. The highest sale in Western PA history is $11M. It was a similar property, but 135 acres and riding arena. This house will probably sell at auction for $3.7 based on other properties in the Pittsburgh area that did not sell and eventually went to auction.

  • Brad Klingensmith

    Owner left EQT to go to Haliburton


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