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  • horselips

    WTF. A 23,000 square foot palace, listing for $10.4 million, and it’s on a 3/4 acre lot? Geeezus, the neighbors are all over it. No wonder Zillow says it’s only worth a little over $4 million. Even though it’s a bona fide tour de force of high quality materials and stunning craftsmanship, I wouldn’t give you $3 million, because the wholly idiotic siting reduces this castle to nothing more than a glorified tract house on steroids. A mansion this size simply needs more room, a whole lot more.

    • Allen

      Damn! You go on and on about what value and appraisals should be and it’s obvious to those of us in the business that you know NOTHING about luxury homes other than what you like. Why don’t you just start your own blog since you are such an expert? Did it ever occur to you that architecture, lot sizes and property values aren’t the same everywhere? Did it ever occur to you that this is someone’s blog and that just maybe they don’t appreciate you trashing almost every home you comment on because it doesn’t meet your amateur approval? Try giving it a rest or at least pointing out something you like or don’t like but quit with the “I’m an expert” act because clearly you are not.

  • Leon

    Allen, I’m actually more offended by your attack

    super mcmansion, well-designed for site and resembles smaller (3-times larger than house next door?) houses on the street … as for lot size, low maintainance surrounded by a lot of open space, so love it (hiking, trail running, mountain biking, skiing nearby)

    interesting area … looks like three mcmansions around a large mormon temple and tract (upscale) housing

    6 bedrooms so not a lot of quiverfulling going on

  • Trevor W

    1) I walked through this house when it was framed and its incredible, I particularly liked the basement with its 20 ft ceilings.
    2) This home sat only framed for 5 years so of course zillow is going to underestimate it. If you trust Zillow you don’t know much about real-estate.
    3) People that whine about how many acres the house sits on really are annoying. Most people care more about the view, than they do land. Land comes cheap, view don’t, ever.
    4) Tract upscale housing? What are you talking about? Out of your mind.
    5) Besides the fact that you sound really dumb, building on a mountain doesn’t allow for much land, you would know that if you had a brain, but you don’t.


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