Incredible $100 Million Waterfront Compound In Kings Point, NY | Homes of the Rich – The #1 Real Estate Blog


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  • Jackson

    i just read about this home in the newspaper, pretty amazing. Looks like a home straight out of the Great Gatsby, I love it!

  • horselips

    It sells in 2013 for just under $16 million, and you can be sure Tamir Sapir made a bundle on the deal (that’s how billionaires get that way) and now it lists for $100 million (!!!) ? One can only hope that people smart enough to make that kind of money aren’t foolish enough to be soon parted from it.

  • horselips

    Ha Ha Ha – no interior views – even on the video tour. What could possibly be wrong? Probably not much, but possibly, EVERYTHING, like the current owner redecorated and went full-retard contemporary. Oh well, outside, and the grounds, are a masterpiece.


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