$9.995 Million Newly Built Waterfront Mansion In Lantana, FL | Homes of the Rich – The #1 Real Estate Blog


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  • Daniel

    Technically this is the Town of Manalapan so the price is somewhat more realistic. It’s a nice home, but it’s missing character and color. I guess the color of the decade in South Florida is an off white grey, as opposed to beige/yellow from the recession era. This is Manalapan, and Manalapan prices have skyrocketed over the past 5 years or so. A direct oceanfront home just sold for $33 Million. My guess is this will go in the $8 million range.

    • Teddee13

      I too was surprised when the $33M manalapan house got sold so quickly. I’d expected it to be on a market a little longer and with a few more price drops. But considering how well real estate has been rebounding, it shouldn’t have shocked me. I’ve seen a lot of places in Fl and GA that are back to pre-recession prices, as if everyone has already forgotten what happened.


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