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  • horselips

    Another proof of “Not everything that can be done should be done.”

  • AndrewF

    Hmm… putting the question of whether something of this size should be built at all aside, these renderings taken on their own don’t look too bad. But seen in context, this house will be probably too large for the smallish lot. The land is 2 acres but 50,000 feet is more than 1 acre already – there won’t be much of that land left over!

    • Cnote

      Yeah, it is a lot of house for the lot but this is LA. You don’t usually get much more than 2-3 acres and the house is 3 stories tall– so that breaks down to about a 17k sq.ft. foot print. Sufficient for the lot, there won’t be football fields of yard but plenty of space.

      My beef is in the price— the house looks like it could be done well of someone like Nile Niami did built it— but the price for the vacant lot is probably double what it should be.

  • Bill_N

    Unless you’re including the subterranean level, I’m not seeing that third story…what am I missing?

  • Barnabus Samuel

    REVOLTING on every conceivable level due to, just for beginners, the categorically and inarguably GARGANTUAN size. Such incomprehensible wasteful greed and ego on a truly indescribable scale kills it entirely.

  • Teddee13

    Putting aside the presumptive arrogance of telling anyone what someone should do with the money they earned, I’m trying to understand why 2 acres and an old house that one is going to have to pay to tear down is worth $39 million.Two acres in Manhattan or Monaco I could understand a $39M price tag, but even for Beverly Hills the price is ridiculous. Is it on a gold mine?


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