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  • horselips

    At first, this style impresses because of the massiveness of everything – the high ceilings, the huge logs, gigantic stone fireplaces, and so on. But after awhile, say three to four minutes, the whole “Flintstones Transitional” look get old. The piles of boulders, tree trunks, and popsicle sticks look is realized for exactly what it is – a glorified barn with just enough nice counter tops, window frames and lighting fixtures thrown in to jack the price to over $1000/square foot.
    Nobody can stand it for very long. Built in 2009, the original owner sold it in 2011, and now this owner has also ‘had it’ and is listing it for less than he paid for it.

  • dan

    This style of rustic never gets old with me. I wish they had carried over the tongue and groove ceilings to all the rooms.

    Horse lips and I are on opposite sides of the “beam and boulder” style!

    • horselips

      Is this a great country or what! Enjoy!


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