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  • horselips

    Waterfront your ass – this turkey is on a big pond – nowhere near the sea or even a navigable river leading to the sea. There is, however, a boat dock, for your kayak’s cruise to nowhere. Sorry kiddies, this location is not an upgrade. The neighboring houses are packed in so tight on useless quarter-acre lots that even cropping the photos can’t hide their onerous proximity. As for the dwelling itself – a whopping 5,435 sq.ft. of absolutely nothing special – and all this can be yours for just over $4 million. How do you keep a straight face in real estate these days?

  • Jackson

    Horselips – this is actually an extremely desirable area of Sammamish. You may think it is a “big pond” but it is a fabulous spot for tubing, water skiing, etc. I have been to hundreds of lakes and Lake Sammamish and Lake Washington are some of the best.


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