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  • Doug

    Though not normally a fan of Georgian, I do like this house. It could use some outdoor features such as Outdoor Kitchen or BBQ and a home office, but seems alright if not a little expensive.

    • Alex

      Doug this house( manor ) actually has TWO Outdoor Kitchen/BBQ areas…one on the right back side of the main house and another by the pool house

      • Bill_N

        Not to mention the amount of land that goes with it!

  • Alex

    Finally a quintessential Greenwich mansion …..timeless and elegant. Each room embodies a balance of sophistication and class, but also has a fresh modern take on the traditional. With it’s remarkable attention to detail, it definitely separates itself from the typical Greenwich spec homes popping up as of late. This mansion has everything…even an indoor AND an outdoor pool!!! My only true grip would be the “Hollywood” lights surrounding the mirror on the vanity in the Hers master closet lol.

  • Jackson

    Beautiful, a true masterpiece.

  • Daniel

    It’s a beautiful home. The rooms all look wonderfully proportioned. A bit more color here and there and it’s an outstanding residence.


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