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  • horselips

    I like so much about this house (the elevation, the open plan, indoor pool, home office desk, billiards room cabinetry, huge entertainment room, marble flooring, etc.), and I dislike so little (home theater) that I won’t bother to mention the details.

  • tennis4life

    the home theater is not that good at all, but the rest is worse , more like something from the 70’s than last decade, not surprised the endorsement it received from the likes of the other comment so far!!!

    • horselips

      Yes, my learned friend, it might be a bit 70s-ish here and there, but I fail to see the virtue or attraction for the ‘look’ in vogue today, or even in the last decade. I have no doubt that a hundred years from now, perhaps even two hundred, the classic forms will still be built, admired, and sold for fortunes, while the horrific shapes and abused materials of ‘modern’ or ‘contemporary’ design and decor will be thankfully forgotten.
      But that’s just me, I tend to like a lot of older things. I appreciate the craftsmanship and ingenuity of a Luger, and am contemptuous of a Glock. I prefer the mirror matched walnut veneers, Wilton carpets, Connolly hides, Smith instruments and 8 hand rubbed coats of paint lavished on older Jaguars to the plastic cabins and shallow finishes they come with today. I favor clean, conservative and classy women to the pierced and tattooed feminists and sleazy celebrities that make up today’s pop culture. Speaking of pop culture – you can have today’s music too.
      But then, being old fashioned does have its drawbacks. I still use Windows 7, and I’m terrified of Windows 10. I still use a flip phone – nothing smart about that. I watched an old tube television until last Christmas when my friends had had enough of it and bought me a big flat screen for a gift. And I still drive (and love) my 1997 Lincoln Mark VIII LSC. What does miles per gallon matter compared to the growl and thrust of a Cobra V8. Enjoy!

      • dan

        You have good friends.


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