$12.9 Million 18,000 Square Foot French Country Inspired Mansion In Westlake Village, CA | Homes of the Rich – The #1 Real Estate Blog


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  • Doug

    I like the foyer and the home office.

  • horselips

    OK, it’s RANT TIME! When the Zestimate appraisal is a small fraction of the asking price, you learn the hard lesson that when you have millions of dollars and 18,000 square feet to work with, great things are due. This mansion was envisioned with no more imagination than a big ol’ house – a vast collection of bigger-than-average little boxes all stuck together, enhanced with a few expensive upgrades. Yawn.
    Get a clue all you architects, builders and owners, when planning a project on this scale, you have to think outside the box a little – create unique and interesting spaces – break some new ground – never forget that architecture is both art and science and give equal attention to both. Pictures 8,9,10,11,12,13,17 all have variations on the same theme for ceiling treatments. WTF! Aside from the interesting foyer, there is not a single breathtaking, or even borderline memorable focal point. There should be quite a few, and with 18K sq.ft. of available space, on multiple levels, real visual impact should’ve been a relatively easy thing to accomplish.
    A few minutes on the Internet will give you dozens of the “best of” living rooms, dining rooms, great rooms, home offices, bathrooms, etc., and if what your architect has drawn and your decorator has imagined, doesn’t measure up – reject their plans and start over. Seriously, why shouldn’t every important room or area maximize its potential, and be the best it can be? END OF RANT. I apologize to all I have offended.

    • Super

      Zestimate very rarely shows real value, especially in California. I live near this house and it’s in a gated enclave of very expensive homes (albeit not really $10M+ homes). The rest of your rant holds true.


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