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  • I love the volume of the interior-at least from the photos posted here! I also like the exterior and the use of stacked stone and stucco. And there appears to be a massive stained glass window near the entry that really adds character to the exterior. And at only $13.75 for endless views of the ocean with a free-form infinity pool, I’d definitely say that this is a steal.

  • horselips

    The mansion is truly lovely, with lots of great focal points inside and out, and delightful views of the sea, well, at least when the sea is calm. But there’s one major problem that seriously affects the asking price.
    For cryin’ out loud, it’s in Mexico! Half the country is embroiled in a vicious civil war with the drug cartels, which the government is arguably not winning, and the other half is mired in almost unimaginable corruption. And heaven help you if you’re a foreigner arrested in Mexico for anything – even a Turkish prison would start looking good after awhile. Yes, for the moment, there are still lots of relatively safe areas, but how long that can last is anybody’s guess.
    Given that, the value of this property, except to a drug lord, or a bought-and-paid-for high official in the PRI, is a small fraction of the asking price.


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