Heather & Terry Dubrow’s Former Newport Coast Mansion Re-Listed | Homes of the Rich – The #1 Real Estate Blog


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  • horselips

    It’s really not as nice as several mansions right around it and the ridiculous 0.67 acre lot is an insult to my intelligence as I consider privacy an essential element of true luxury. Further, the lot must be in scale with the building. The landscaping is an important part of the whole elevation – nature must be shaped and recreated to properly frame the mansion for a complete visual effect. Siting a 14,000+ sq.ft. multi level mansion on an undersized lot is like trying to put 10 pounds of sh!t in a 5 pound bag. It’s disproportionate.

    • Barnabus Samuel

      While we categorically & forever will disagree on the traditional vs. contemporary-modern war, I am in total agreement with you, Lips, about the lot. It literally maims the house, visually, no matter how impeccable the architecture or interior design might be.

  • Daniel

    It always seemed like a very cold and impersonal residence. The architecture isn’t bad, but the interior feels like every other home in Newport Coast. Curious to see how their new home turns out.


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