Casa Lago – A $34.9 Million Newly Built 21,000 Square Foot Blufftop Mansion In Bel Air, CA | Homes of the Rich – The #1 Real Estate Blog


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  • horselips

    Gotta laff! Pic #1 shows the mansion secluded and private. Looks like it’s right on the shore. Very serene. Pic #24 reveals the unimaginable – it’s on a rapidly drying up reservoir – you can even the exposed ‘beach’ from which the water level has receded. Neighbors practically within arms’ reach, power poles, wires, above ground utilities, Yuck!
    The mansion itself is probably OK, but just that – nothing really special. For my $34 million, every single room and space would have to be a knockout. No compromises, anywhere. Bottom line on this listing at this asking price: Epic Fail. Now, for half off…

    • Atlas

      And the views aren’t great either.


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