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  • AndrewF

    Curious there is not a single picture or a frame of the video showing the interior… Could be that construction is not finished yet? But the windows offer glimpses of furnished rooms. So… paranoid owner? Or just a really lazy agent in charge of the listing? Hmm.

    I must also admit I never heard of the suburb of Deepdene but looking at the map it borders Kew and Hawthorn, so I assume it’s still the ‘good’ part of the city.

    • Constantine

      Deepdene is Balwyn, they only recently pushed to “try” be recognised as a separate suburb but the postcode is still the exact same as Balwyn, it’s quite silly

      • Constantine

        Also this is a really tiny house and average size land for this area BALWYN (the real suburb Deepdene belongs to), really small house regardless of the three levels, it’s small for the area.

  • Anon

    Yet another sandwiched faux chateau in Melbourne by and for the incredibly uncreative nouveau riche.


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