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  • horselips

    LOL, it’s like April 1st in August.

  • Doug

    9 million per bedroom. Smallish rooms.

  • Bill_N

    Not a bad house, if you don’t mind 1/3 of the neighborhood watching you while you relax by the pool.

  • Jackson

    Absolutely amazing location (you can even see the montage from picture 19 and 20)! Sadly, the interior of the home is pretty disgusting.

    • Barnabus Samuel

      You are blind.

      • Jackson

        No need to be so rude… everyone has different tastes and in my opinion the interior is slightly ugly (of course the views are amazing though). I can respect that others may like the home though. I’m just not a major fan of contemporary homes (although I can still appreciate some of them).

  • Barnabus Samuel

    Absolutely STUNNING in almost every way. The impeccable use of all that magnificent wood sets this gem apart by miles & miles from so many other contemporary houses. INFINITELY BETTER than all the pseudo-colonial-tudor TRADITIONAL DRECK from Hell that’s featured here. And it literally never ceases to amaze me how commentors here make proclomations about the size of rooms and angles of view onto the terrace & pool when they’ve NEVER BEEN to the house itself and very most likely, never will. Hysterical!


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