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  • horselips

    It’s a pretty nice mansion – the marble, the paneling, the windows, the dining room, the nuclear-powered shower in “his” master bathroom, the arched colonnades, balustrades, the elegant swimming pool – it’s all good.
    What I don’t like is the scale of the major public rooms. They cover enough ground, but the ceilings are quite low, appearing to be about 10-12 feet, which duzzint cut it. And they’re too plain. And then there’s the location. It’s in California. The water is all gone. Unless the drought ends in a few months, restrictions will evolve into rationing, and that lush lawn and those thick hedges are going to go brown. And then there’s the price. The asking price is three times what the place is worth, and considering the absolutely insulting and pathetic 3/4 acre lot, maybe four or five times.

  • VH

    lol 9 bedrooms, 9 bath…rich people must shit a lot


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