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  • horselips

    They’re all nice big kitchens, but none of them are ‘gourmet’ – all they have are a range and an oven or two. Only 4 of the 20 even bothered to install a water faucet over the stove. Try telling an Italian chef that’s not necessary. I see no deep fryers, no wok stations, no real bread or pizza ovens, no bakery racks, no holding cabinets, no flat grills or open flame broilers for steaks, chops, etc., no cold table. steam table, no sausage making station. OK, lots of counter space for slicers, mixers, dehydrators, and such, that’s good, and I don’t mind the brisket and rib smoker being outside in the summer kitchen. But a lot of gourmet food preparation requires dedicated and specially crafted work stations to do the job right. I’ve toured lots of high end houses, and seen plenty more here, but I have only rarely encountered a serious kitchen. And how about cleanup? I can’t tell you how many 7 figure ‘mansions’ I’ve been in that have only one dishwasher and no trash compactor. Try entertaining under those conditions!
    But then, with so many high end homes crammed onto one/quarter and one/third acre lots, there’s no room for guests to park anyway, so why even bother.


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