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  • Beautiful spread here. A lot of people do not like one-level homes but I love them, especially when the square footage is evenly distributed like this place. And I really dig the high ceilings throughout the home; if I had to guess, the ceilings are 10′-12′. Beautiful grounds and lower level pool really adds character to the property.

  • horselips

    Splendid! I prefer single story designs because they allow for higher volume rooms. I especially like the living room fireplace, the wonderful home office, the lavish master bath, and the extensive outdoor facilities.
    Unfortunately this masterpiece (and it really is one) is sited in California. Another couple of years of draught and that nice pool will be empty, the lavish landscaping will be brown, dead, or replaced with covered gravel. The rich will be the first to go elsewhere, because they have the means to do so, and unless they can or care to support and hold on to places like this in their absence, many great estates will be liquidated for pennies on the dollar. I wouldn’t invest a nickel in California real estate until Mother Nature wakes up and goes back to work.


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