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  • horselips

    This mansion is Exhibit A for the case against legalizing drugs. One can only wonder which controlled substances were responsible for the hallucinations and deliriums that resulted in this front elevation.

  • tennis4life

    the same idiotic rhetoric, do you know any other term them ” elevation ” in all your bs commentary. Again why don’t you stick with what you know the ancient!! I actually like photo#3 with the entry way the plants and water feature leading up the steps with the bamboo right in front of the main entry. Also the games room and double bowling alley
    with the great wood floors and stone wall, just the ceiling treatment in that entire space is
    bringing it down and seeming more dark than it should be!

  • AndrewF

    Yeah I don’t mind this one, the architecture is location and climate-appropriate and of course I approve of the decent garage. I’m not a great fan of bamboo decorations they used here and there, but that’s a small matter of individual taste.


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