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  • Seriously

    Are you kidding me?? It’s in the middle of a sub-division!!

    • Emmanuel Wang

      Unfortunately yes, actually no. The street of this house was a standalone street back when it was first built. The government fucked it up by forbidding large houses therefore new, small houses have been built around it.

  • jackrabbitjb

    Not enough gold paint for my taste.

  • Horselips

    Hey, I appreciate a baroque-rococo palace as much as the next blue-blooded aristocrat, and every inch, and I mean every inch, of this mansion is a true work of art, and yet, it’s just a bit too busy, and I hate wood floors when every Bourbon nobleman knows they should be marble. Sheeesh – there goes the neighborhood.

  • Tom

    This looks cheap and tacky! You have to have a certain amount of quality and craftsmanship to pull off something like this. It looks like they tried to build a $50 million house with a $3 million budget.

    • Emmanuel Wang

      Fuck off shall you? I don’t know how in the world you find this home cheap.You must be so rich that only he Versaille is good enough for you. How the fuck do you not see the quality and craftsmanship? are you blind?

  • Mak

    I want my eyeballs back.


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