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  • Horselips

    Obviously, a place meant for someone with very big money, very low expectations, and even lower standards. Look at the pics. This bottom-of-the-barrel build out couldn’t possibly have cost more than a million or two. And at some point, probably about a day or so after you move in, you’ve had enough of the views. By day 3 or 4 you’re contemplating throwing a chair throw a window and jumping.

    • Timothy

      I could not have said it better.

      NYC is overpriced, too.

      This apartment would cost $15-25M in Miami depending on what building it’s in.

      I wouldn’t pay more than $3,000 per sq ft for this. They’re asking $8,700 per square foot!

      The broker listed it this high because he obviously wants the new Ferrari that’s coming out.

      • natsuxdragon

        This is Steven Cohens duplex hedge funder owns SAC Capital.

  • Coon

    They better throw in that raft for $79 M


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