Location: 41800 Pacific Coast Highway, Malibu, CA

Square Footage: 8,989

Bedrooms & Bathrooms: 5 bedrooms & 7 bathrooms

Price: $53,000,000

This Contemporary style oceanfront mansion is located at 41800 Pacific Coast Highway in Malibu, CA and is situated on 0.8 acres of land.

It was built in 2010 and features approximately 8,989 square feet of living space with 5 bedrooms, 7 bathrooms, foyer with 29 foot ceilings and staircase, elevator, living room, dining room, gourmet kitchen, breakfast room, music room, home theater, garage and more.

Outdoor features include a patio.

It is listed at $53,000,000.


  • tennis4life

    I like the Ed Niles designed house at 24434 Malibu rd, which at 6,500 square feet with an adjoining lot totaling nearly an acre was sold a few years ago for around 17+ million, this one has a nice open interior volume but boy I guess theyre asking for a similar and even higher price than the 80’s frank gehry house in malibu, so about 30 mill more then what should be, California beach front very very pricey or just greedy!!


  • golfcoach916

    The pictures are pathetic. From the few decent pics looks fantastic. need way better pics and more of them…


  • Daniel

    Would make a fabulous regional airport.


  • horselips

    Fifty-Three Million American Dollars. You can’t make this stuff up. Located in a state with severe water restrictions, where the sycamore trees are already turning brown at the tops, where the state government refuses to line the coast with desalination plants, where the entire agriculture biz is rapidly going tits up. But don’t worry – the freaking delta smelt is probably going to make it – both of them. The good news is this mansion has lots of plants indoors where they can be watered without the owner getting caught. As far as I’m concerned, a California location, even Beverly Hills, carries no premium, in fact, it should be a mark against the property.
    This house is surpassingly ugly, picture #5 looks like some idiot converted the Biosphere into a mansion. If you can call this atrocity a mansion at all. Fortunately no more film was wasted taking pictures of it – inside or out.