$41.8 Million Duplex Penthouse To Be Built At Echo Brickell In Miami, FL | Homes of the Rich – The #1 Real Estate Blog


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  • Horselips

    This crummy apartment is easily twice as nice as that P.O.S. in NYC, and at around half the price. And there’s no DeBlasio screwing up Miami.

    • Timothy

      When you compare Miami to NYC, there’s a view things to compare.

      This apartment is listed for $41.8M. In New York City, this apartment would easily be $80M. An indoor pool and gym all in one penthouse is unheard of in NYC. Living in NYC sounds nice. However, getting the same apartment for literally half the price sounds better. And not to mention, ocean views beats seeing views of the dirty Bronx.

      • Horselips

        When you can blow 40 or 80 million bucks on a roof, it doesn’t matter where it is. Do you think it really matters where Mark Cuban, The Donald, Sheldon Adelson, Steven Spielberg, Bill Gates, or any of the other 1% or even the next 2 or 3% live? If you needed to see them, they could be on the moon and you’d find a way to get there. The Information Age and jet planes have made a NYC address no longer important. In fact it is now irrelevant, immaterial, and even obsolete. Only a fool spends the kind of money they’re asking to live there.

        • Timothy

          You missed what I said.

          And the whole “it doesn’t matter where they live” is false.

          80% of the price of a home is because of location.

          • Horselips

            No, I agreed with you completely. My reply was in support of your contention – that there are better places to live than NYC. Yes, the price of a NY apartment is mostly price -I get that – I also contend that the value of that location is no longer valid in this day and age – unless you’re a fool with more money than brains.

          • Timothy

            You’d be surprised.

            I’ve seen people spend $10M on a property and tear it down and build their own home. The reason for this is location.

  • Christopher

    I’ve seen the floor plan to this apartment. It’s nice but there are significantly better penthouses in Miami for the same price.

  • Daniel

    Impressive spaces and views. I’ve come to realize that the 80s are making a comeback in Miami, at least in architecture and interior design.


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