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  • tennis4life

    Thanks for having some great properties, always wanted to se a great contemporary in park city, I love that michael upwall hosue you recently had from provo Utah, wished that house was actually here in park city. But after reading some about this one thought initially the price high for the square footage, but to find its one of my favorite architects Wallace Cunningham, love his other southern California homes, especially RAZOR in la jolla. This took 6 years to build he really is uncompromising in design so want to examine more about the materials and design, but like what I see so far, you said it was on 5 acres, wish it was a larger lot, even treed, but views are spectacular!!

  • AndrewF

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    • horselips

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      • AndrewF

        I like some hair in my mouth as much as the next guy, but HOTR is not the place for this 🙂

  • John Galt

    Love the house and love the area.


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