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  • jackrabbitjb


  • Treg Brown

    I like the privacy the gated drive entry affords, but my gosh, I’m guessing the owner’s wife (or mother) who’s always had a “flair” for decorating was in charge of the interior design?

    • Grrrowler

      “‘Flair’ for decorating” was a very diplomatic choice of words. I’m especially galled by the fake plants in the foyer. While they do act as a handy warning system of what to expect in the rest of the house. fake plants are never acceptable, especially in a house costing eight figures.

      • Horselips

        If Mother Nature was better at her job, we wouldn’t need fake plants. Real plants are a pain in the ass, requiring regular watering, and a host of other care and maintenance procedures. There are companies dedicated, at great cost, solely to caring for real plants in restaurants, mansions and other businesses. It’s clearly insane.
        It’s a fake world, get over it. Phony-baloney MDF millwork is installed in baroque mansions, faux stone is used extensively inside and out in so-called rustic or craftsman style designs, fake brick fronts grace millions of homes. There is fake marble for floors and bathrooms, fake granite for counter tops, fake tiles for roofing, fake siding, and fake wood planking for floors, fake wood frames and ornamentation for furniture. Chandeliers are crafted with fake crystals, fake fireplaces burn fake logs. The hides of the wild Nauga are used to simulate leather in dozens of applications. Fake columns, arches, paving stones, even fake plaster for walls. Carpeting and drapery is woven from fake fibers. Ladies and Gentlement decorate themselves with cubic zirconia fakery, and the thinnest veneers imaginable are used to disguise base metals as gold and silver. Wood veneers turn plywood into genuine cabinetry. What is a statue… but a fake person. Fake plants? Bring ’em on. I’ll put mine right next to my fake Yamaha grand piano, which is just an electric keyboard set in a very, very nice case.
        Take a tour of a megabuck mansion. Don’t be surprised if you discover that you are the only real thing in the place. Not even the real estate agent is real – he or she is just a reptile. Enjoy.

        • Grrrowler

          Spoken like a true owner of fake house plants.

  • Tony

    This house looks like cheap crap. This is how people get rich. They build these cheap big houses sandwiched on small lots and dumb people that don’t know anything about construction or materials or land value buy them just cause they are big and located in a prime area. The builder probably bought a tear down for $8 million or less then built this cheap crap for $3 million or less and then put it up for sale at over $24 million. For this kind of money I’d want something on at least 1.5 acres with a tennis court and a house that is made of good quality materials.


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