$13.9 Million Newly Built 20,000 Square Foot Mansion In Moscow, Russia | Homes of the Rich – The #1 Real Estate Blog


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  • Horselips

    I have to give the Russians credit for a high level of consistency – so many of their new builds evoke the unsurpassed excess of the Romanov Imperium, while almost none of it cares to emulate in any way the styles of the nightmare that followed, or to even find and define the style of post-communist Yeltsin-to-Putin Russia. The Oligarchy that governs today is happy to revive the classicism that undoubtedly is, and probably always will, represent the pinnacle of residential architecture.
    But this time the Ruskies have carried 19th century Tsarist authenticity a step too far; in picture #7 in the listing, you can plainly see beneath the window that this mansion is heated with…radiators? Somebody, anybody, pleeeeze tell me it’s just a fake, a décor item, a conversation piece…anything but a real, working…radiator.


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