Tyler Perry Lists His 34,000 Square Foot Atlanta Mega Mansion For $25 Million | Homes of the Rich – The #1 Real Estate Blog


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  • horselips

    Grand! The impressive size and elevation, the proliferation of monumental 2 story rooms, the exquisite craftsmanship evidenced throughout, and the breathtaking grounds – a true palace. Gripes? Sure. The 3 car garage. But with 17 acres, that’s easily solved.

    • Treg Brown

      Isn’t that a 2 tiered parking structure under the tennis court?

      • horselips

        Indeed, it just might be. I went to the listing and all it mentioned was a 3+ car attached garage. I hope you’re right. Folks with $25 million to blow on a roof probably have a nice collection of rides.

  • Barnabus Samuel

    ANY, repeat ANY one who builds a THIRTY FOUR THOUSAND SQUARE FOOT airport MASQUERADING as a “single family home” has SUCH CRITICALLY DANGEROUS emotional issues as egomania, materialism, greed RUN AMOK, low-self-esteem and SUCH ABYSMALLY BAD TASTE so as to IMMEDIATELY certify them as INSANE. I’d say the exact same thing even if it were a thoroughly contemporary AIRPORT that was very well done in EVERY ROOM……….Costco-sized MONSTROSITIES such as this one are, by their ETERNALLY ABSURD square footage, INCAPABLE of being well designed or decorated because such REVOLTING EXCESS forever renders them hideous, period. And this house is a prime example.

    • Jack

      You’re on the wrong site to be posting drivel like that. Did you miss the name of the website, or did the door hit you on the head on the way in

    • Gilfoyle Starr

      Lighten up, Francis. You and your caps need to smoke a joint and mellow the eff out. Yes, there is a problem with the distribution of wealth in this country. No, you’re not choosing a productive avenue for discussing this issue.


        “Yes, there is a problem with the distribution of wealth in this country.”

        The only real problem is that there are people that think they are entitiled to something..You work for it and earn it. Period. If they are more talented then you then suck it up. Look in the mirror and repeat this statement.


        ~ Francis J. Underwood
        President of the United States

    • Teddee13

      I think there’s something seriously wrong with you. You do realize you live in the United States, right? We aren’t in some communistic backwater. Perry didn’t get his money buy robbing people at gunpoint or by establishing a Kim Jung Un tyrannical regime off the taxes and labors of a ruthlessly oppressed people. He rose from poverty and obscurity and gained wealth by making bad movies. Like a true American. He made his money legally (and by all accounts, honestly) and should therefore be able to spend it on anything he wants. So how about you STFU. No one who comes on a site like this should be complaining about the scale of someone else’s home. That’s simply beyond ridiculous. Call a shrink, get some lithium and give it a rest, you annoying, insignificant little troll. Especially since egomaniac and insane are two very apt adjectives everyone else could use to describe you.

    • horselips

      Sammy, baby, something in your post tells me you’re not getting the class system. C’mon dude, get with the program. I’ve been rich, and I’ve been poor, and believe me, as Buddy Bernier wrote, rich is better. But don’t give up – you just keep protesting and demanding that $15 minimum wage…your mansion awaits…your ship will come in. Until then…dream…

      • AndrewF

        Buddy Bernier? Never heard of him, I always thought that quote was attributed to Ringo Starr.

        • horselips

          Google is your friend. Enjoy.

    • shane lockett

      I’m willing to bet that the lettering has worn off on your Caps Lock key.

    • Bill_N

      Its a logical extension to those “welfare Cadillacs” you saw in the urban slums of the 60s.

  • Grrrowler

    If someone walked up to me and said, “Quick, describe what you think Tyler Perry’s house would look like,” this is what would come to mind. That is not a compliment.

  • Teddee13

    Love it, which is surprising since I didn’t much like it when it was featured in his movie, but that probably had more to do with the interior decoration than the house itself. This is one of the few times that a mansion in a major city actually has the land space to match the size of the house, making it into a real estate.

    I’m really shocked to see how well proportioned the rooms are. That’s usually a major issue with homes this size. Love the living room, family room and office. Theater is what I would expect for someone who produces. Impressive grounds. Hate the kitchen. That needs a major reno. You can tell a man designed it by all the steps required to make it to the front door. A woman would have known better, but otherwise, kudos.

  • Tony

    This house is a HOT MESS! I been waiting years to see this house upclose and see the interior. I am so disappointed. The exterior is butt ass ugly. The materials look so cheap. Why are there two stairways? And that corridor and movie theater look like they part of the damn underground railroad or some shit. I’d be thinking Harriet Tubman bout to pop out from the shadows and bring me some pop corn up in that movie theater lol.

  • Tony

    Also, why does Tyler Perry have a shirtless man painted on the wall of the dinning room?

    • Bill_N

      Do you REALLY want an answer to that?

  • PleaseKillMe

    I have seen Daniel Snyder’s house in Potomac, Maryland. You get that when you destroy a football team. Now I have seen Tyler Perry’s house. You get that when you destroy black comedy.

    • Bill_N

      The size of the house matches his ego.

  • Daniel

    I’m with Tony…terribly disappointed. It’s pretty much like any other homes in Atlanta, just much larger. It looked much better in the birds-eye view. If only the rest of the home was modeled after that hallway – it’s the most intriguing space in the whole house!

    • Tony

      I think the stone work and pillars in the hallway make it look like better quality than the rest of the house but that hallway looks dark and dirty and moldy or something. I think Eddie Murphy’s Beverly Park home pulls off this type of look better. Eddie’s house has a similar type of hallway/corridor but its not as dark and dirty and grimmy lol.

  • Treg Brown

    Well, the grounds are very beautiful.

  • Coon

    Im kinda digging how that parking structure was built

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