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  • Jackson

    Even though this is probably an awful idea, I am super excited to see what the house looks like when it is finished.

  • I’m shocked that you are behind on this; I posted these pictures on my blog post nearly two weeks ago.I look to you guy for all of the luxury real estate, present and future, so I am gonna need you to step it up LOL!

  • horselips

    A construction like this is what happens when the mogul’s crystal ball gets cloudy. No style, no character, nothing but sheer, blank, plain vanilla bulk. For crying out loud if I hadn’t been told it was a home, I’d think it was a new junior college or an office complex.

  • Daniel

    Although owning a modern style home on a hilltop overlooking the LA city lights is a dream of mine, this is just so damn boring. Huge rooms that have slightly more detail than a warehouse. Now, if this were a Guy Dreier designed home, I’d be fawning over it. The price, no matter how gorgeous the final product will be, is preposterous many times over.

  • Grrrowler

    It’s absurd. Not only is it another tedious modern rectangle showing no creativity, the size is ludicrous. Unless the owner has at least 100 of his closest friends in residence at all times, it’ll be like living in an airplane hangar. Even the “intimate” spaces (a 5,000 square foot master suite?) will be so large as to engulf any mere mortals who inhabit it. Between the outlandish size and the outrageous price this will either become the world’s most expensive white elephant, or a trophy house for someone with more money than sense who spends little to no time there.

  • jackrabbitjb

    If I had $500 million to spend on a house I sure wouldn’t purchase this.

  • John Senior

    If someone was serious about a $500m price then they wouldn’t go cheap on the renderings or the architect. I suspect he’s doing the design himself and has found someone on the net to do the renderings for him. He obviously has a previous record of developing, so he’s not a complete joke, but this project and especially the price is just a marketing gimmick.

    • AndrewF

      You’re right about marketing gimmick, but you’re wrong about one thing, he’s got a reputable architect doing the job: McClean Design – look them up, they’re certainly not someone ‘found on the net’.

  • Barnabus Samuel

    The TRULY PSYCHOTIC greed, egomania and UTTER DELUSION that have possessed this builder and EVERY OTHER ONE who’s built a (spec?) raging monstrosity as this ETERNALLY defy description in ANY language ON EARTH. REVOLTING on EVERY level that I’ll neverrrrr be able to relate if I lived to be 500 millions years old. Forget about the “mega” rich, this into the “giga” rich category and those people are one of the FIVE top reasons I despise the human race, basically. And NO, it’s not because I’m jealous, honestly……’s because of incomprehensible materialism, ego and GREED run UNCONTROLLABLY AMOK.

    • Jackson

      I guess you could say it is greedy, but honestly if people work hard to earn a bunch of money they should be allowed to enjoy it. Also, building a house like this gives jobs to many many people. Think of Biltmore for example, that gave many people a living.

      • Barnabus Samuel

        Sorry Jackson, but that idea holds no water. This revolting monstrosity masquerading hopelessly as a “single family home” will foreverrrr do more harm to the environment, never be used to its full extent or even, most likely not sell at all at HALF A BILLION dollars than it will everrrrr do “good” in providing the construction workers, rough & finish carpenters, plumbers, drywall/plasterers, painters, interior designers, landscapers, wall paper hangers with pay and on and on and on. Gargantuan freak shows like this should NOT be allowed to be built, period. And I don’t give a damn how politically incorrect that sounds……a FIVE THOUSAND square foot master BEDroom?!?!?!?!? Utterly and mind-bogglingly revolting in every concievable way……and in the next 6 or 12 months (IF that long) there won’t be ANY WATER LEFT in California to supply this village with and STILL the psycho builder thinks that one of a HANDFUL of billionaires in this world is gonna’ pay a HALF-A-BILLION-DOLLARS for this. Indescribably insane in every possible way.

        • horselips

          So, I take it that’s a “no.” Perhaps you’d like to see something more reasonable, say in the coupe of hundred million range?

          • Barnabus Samuel

            Ohhhhhhhh, NOW you’re talkin’, Horselips……..just TWO OR THREE HUNDRED MILLION is MUCH more relatable and affordable!! (wink, wink, choke, puke, barf 🙂

          • Barnabus Samuel

            Ohhhhhhhh, NOW you’re talkin’, Horselips……..just TWO OR THREE HUNDRED MILLION is MUCH more relatable and affordable!! (wink, wink, choke, puke, barf 🙂

  • Teddee13

    Okay, I didn’t think I could dislike this “thing” more than I did before, but turns out I do. Unlike most people, I have no issue with the scale, except for the paltry 4 acres. I think the commenters are thinking in terms of a Western mindset and I doubt it will be a westerner buying this…if it ever gets sold. If a person has multiple wives, children numbering in the double digits, and is used to hosting a never-ending array of high profile functions, then I’m sure something of this size will seem appropriate to them. One need only to take a look at the Sultan of Brunei’s palace to see what I mean.

    I am also a-okay with a 5000sf bedroom suite, since I’m willing to bet a big chunk of it will be designated for closet space and security. A master suite in any well-heeled home should have a sitting room, bedroom with adjacent snoring room, his and her bathrooms, his, her and linen closets, office, morning bar, panic room, beauty room and private workout area, 5000sf doesn’t seem so preposterous to me.

    No, my real problem is that it’s rather hideous. It’s just another oversized Lego box. That and for the life of me, I don’t get who would buy a house of this size and price that isn’t tailored to suit them.

  • Al Robinson

    $500 million is crazy at any point, but I don’t see right now what will make it worth that pricetag. $50 million seems more like it, unless the whole thing is a technological compound.


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