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  • horselips

    The frigid North Atlantic at Montauk is not the warm and balmy ocean it is at Key West; that said, it is a magnificent site for an overwhelming mansion. Unfortunately, the residential situation there now blows chunks. It is neither elegant or impressive.

    • Barnabus Samuel

      Fascinating, Horselips…………in as much TRUE detail as you can provide, how, exactly, does it the residential situation in the Hamptons (of all places) now “blow chunks”?? Do you live there and have had a 500K+ or up home for at least a year now? Or have visited there regularly for at least a year or two and know at least 2 or 3 people who do?

      • horselips

        I was referring to the residential situation on this particular lot, not the whole freaking Hamptons. I don’t like this mansion at all – inside or out, I find it just a bigger version of many smaller homes. There is nothing monumental or impressive about the elevation, and nothing arresting about the interior, which seems to have been built with oversized popsicle sticks (picture # 5)


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