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  • Barnabus Samuel

    Don’t mean to literally scream but I’ll type in all caps just to emphasize my passion on the subject…………YET MORE INMATES RUNNING THE ASYLUM!!!

    Sorry, but the fact that this GARGANTUAN MONSTROSITY is the size of mid-size-city’s AIRPORT is its own DOOM. Any (man, very most likely) who builds such a laughably and PSYCHOTICALLY HUGE “house” to make up for whatever he lacks in self-esteem DESERVES to LOSE IT. And I don’t give a DEAD rats’ ass about ANYone saying “Hey, he can do whatever he wants with his money, blah blah blah”. The mere fact that it almost went to auction is proof enough…….man with his ETERNALLY and abjectively pitiful and EGO AND GREED RUN UTTERLY AMOK results in too many morons with wayyyyyyyy too much money who build Costco-sized “single family houses” like this. If I had any money to bet and could find out the actual truth, I’d MAKE money betting that the owner NEVERRRRRRR used every room in this house for 5 minutes all at once, let alone for an hour or more. REVOLTING. I have infinitey more respect for someone with a 1,000 sq. ft. house that is used to the max and is impeccably decorated.

    • mike

      To the previous commenter…
      sounds like you’re jelly to me. For those who don’t know that’s slang for jealousy.

      • Barnabus Samuel

        You would, wouldn’t ya’? After a completely exacting, erudite
        detailed, lengthy & logical comment as I wrote, YOU STILL think that I’m jealous of a house that’s so psychotically over sized to the point that even one post defending it laughable at best, and utterly ridiculous at worst.

        ANY one, REPEAT, ANY one who builds such a revoltingly huge monstrosity is mentally hung like a hamster and has such grand mal delusions of self-importance and egomania that any hope of describing them is eternally impossible.

        • FrisianJute

          So again, this includes most American middle-class families that build homes that far exceed too large a percentage of their meager annual salaries and drives up their debt to income ratios to average 20:80. Now that is stupid, to have 20% coming in and 80% going out, living on a bunch of credit which I am certain you do, almost EVERY SINGLE MIDDLE-CLASS AMERICAN FAMILY IS UPSIDE DOWN IN DEBT TO INCOME.

    • FrisianJute

      Wow, if you spent half as much energy improving your finances and home economics, perhaps you wouldn’t be so poor and bitter. It is hard to feel sorry for you working-class and middle-class folk when you are so jealous and can’t be happy for the thousands of affluent folk that make their money by coming from very humble beginnings, are excellent employers like I am and everyone at my small company is paid A LIVING WAGE AND FULL BENEFITS, inclusive of part-time employees–which by law I am not required to pay into their benefits. I pay hard work and loyalty, regardless of race or gender, my best employee is a black lady from East Africa and she is my third highest paid and any employee that has more verifiable industry experience and excellent performance evals are NEVER paid LESS than their less impressive counterpart. We have total pay transparency to eliminate pay inequities. How can someone be so bitter towards employers like us??? Funny thing is, a person that makes, say, 40 million USD a year that builds a 30K sq’ home is actually living well below their means and the home is less “psychotically huge” than a family that has a 3K sq’ home that only makes 90K USD a year—the moves of the middle-classes are much more excessive with respect to their lowly incomes than ours.
      Now granted, I only bring in about 1.3 million Euros annually at the moment (about 975K USD annually), but if my house was 3 times my annual salary in USD (2.9 million dollar home), why is THAT foolish and greedy, but middle-class families build houses everyday at 3 times their salary, AND SOMEHOW TO YOU ALL THIS IS NORMAL???!!!?? So, if you have 90K annually, you most often build a house that costs around 260K, now that is REVOLTING and financially IRRESPONSIBLE. And keep in mind that your other bills are extremely high too (cars, clothes, food, college loans), while my debt to income ratio is around 70:30–probably have a little more than 70% incoming and 30% outgoing debt. At a million annually, I can buy a 2 million dollar home (1/3 LESS than the 3:1 ratio middle-class folk spend on their homes), EASILY pay CASH for 2 or 3 80K luxury cars every 3 years, private school tuition, a small summer home while still saving bucket loads of money towards retirement and you would still call my spending excessive and my 14K sq’ home too big! No sir, a middle-class family barely making 100K annually living in a 300K house is STUPID, REVOLTING, FINANCIALLY IRRESPONSIBLE, LIVING WAY ABOVE THE MEANS, MORONIC, GREEDY, AND SCREAMS OF DESPERATLEY TRYING TO KEEP UP WITH THE JONES’. But it is your debt and your money and I am okay with your poor middle-class spending choices, so you shouldn’t be so angry at my responsible spending choices.


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