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  • horselips

    Maybe for a third of the asking price – just maybe. Given the recent super-spike in crime, De Blasio’s New York is no place to invest this kind of money just for a big-ass apartment. Sadly, politics sometimes interferes with real estate.

  • Barnabus Samuel

    Horselips…………I don’t mean to be purposely insulting, but your pricing theories are oh-so-VERY flawed yet again as you clearly havne’t the slightest clue about luxury real estate in Manhattan. I cannot believe I’m saying this, but the price for this VERY large townhouse (not apartment) is a steal, comparatively. The place is IMPECCABLY renovated & decorated, has a TRUE gourmet chef’s kitchen (a horribly overused and abused term used to describe almost any kitchen that has mid-grade materials & appliances today) and this is coming from someone who obssesses about GOOD mid-century, contemporary and art deco/moderne interiors & architecture. Period correct, very “generous” French, English or Rocco themed houses usually make me claustrophobic, but this one is stunning and stunningly well priced, too boot.

  • PS1

    As with many dwellings of this period, the rooms’ proportions are stunning; generous, but, not overwhelming. The quality of the furnishings, flooring, wall coverings, etc., should be the standard by which “luxury” should be measured.


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