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  • Jackson

    I like all the dark ones. In my opinion, billiards rooms should always have dark woodwork.

    • Bill_N

      Yeah, but classic,vintage billiards rooms didn’t have wet bars. These are more like game rooms before all the games have been installed. My only beef is the actual billiards table in photo #7…it reminds me of those old diners, which makes it too incongruous with the rest of the decor in the room. Fortunately, a different table is a fast, (relatively inexpensive), easy fix.

  • horselips

    Do the rich, or even their spoiled rotten kids, actually play that much pool, that they need to dedicate a very expensive and very lavishly outfitted room to the endeavor? I can understand the bar, and even a somewhat intimate cocktail lounge, but I will wager real money that it’s a blue moon whenever those balls break. My son has a billiards room in his home and his elegant 8′ slate table has turned into a convenient shelf, piled high with the flotsam and jetsam of suburban life. Methinks I would consider something else for an adult gameroom concept. As for these, #1, #9, or #10.

  • John

    I like room #9, with the pool table from #3.


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