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  • Daniel

    It’s a nice home but *omg* Mark Timothy recycles home design’s like it’s no one’s business. He must have already used this same design in a dozen other homes around South Florida. Great for spec home building and saving money, but at this price I wouldn’t want something I’d recognize a dozen times over, in the same neighborhood no less.

    • Timothy

      That’s the probelm with real estate everywhere in America.

      When you are driving through a neighborhood, you’ll notice there’s over 200 homes but only about 5 different designs and floor plans.

      It would be amazing to know your house is the only one with that design in the area.

      However, it makes sense because it’s cheaper for you to hire an architect to design 5 designs than it is to design 200.

      However, it seems in Florida, many of the luxurious homes feature the same exterior design.

      • Horselips

        Even if the floor plans and elevations are similar, there are always differences in trim or color, siting and lanscaping, and it’s a sure thing each interior is different as the choices of materials and finishes are endless and it is unlikely 2 customers will ever end up with exactly the same house, or even come close to that. After all, how different can one Bentley be from another? Or one Maserati? Aside from color and personalized trim, one is about the same as another. And yet, they are all equally desired and prized. It’s the same with high end jewelry. The settings vary a bit, but rocks are rocks.

        • Teddee13

          I think you’re completely missing the point. Who cares about paint and molding options. It’s a $12 million house in one of the wealthiest counties in the United States, having a floor plan that’s identical to dozens of other homes in the area is ridiculous. This isn’t some middle-class rent-a-builder neighborhood. Comparing a mansion to a Bentley is equally absurd. Every car has a niche design. When you decide to buy a Bentley or a BMW, you know prior to stepping foot on the car lot what to expect. That’s completely different than going to purchase a house. It’s one thing to expect a style of house in a certain area, after all, in S FL the probability is high that it will be some version of Mediterranean style, doesn’t mean it’s acceptable for the design to be the same.

          • Daniel

            You hit the nail on the head. Of course, in South Florida you’re going to have an overwhelmingly Mediterranean beige theme throughout, whether it’s a cookie cutter home or multi-million dollar mansion. But this builder’s floorplans are almost identical. See a few of the carbon copy homes here:




            Again, they’re very nice and the quality is there. However, the uniqueness and the fact these are all a stone’s throw from each other makes them less special in my eyes.

          • Horselips

            When client after client after client wants that same, but winning floor plan, with pretty much the same elevation, what’s a builder to do? Build it! That’s what. The only way to get a truly unique mansion is to design it yourself.
            Although a plan company back in the 1990s called Texas Home Design used to add a clause to some of their ads “not to be sold in (state). I guess if you bought one of their premium big-buck plans, you could insist on some level of exclusivity, at least within your state.

          • Teddee13

            Still completely missing the point.
            1. Most of these houses are built first then marketed for sale. Of course it’s going to be cheaper for the developer/developer/designer to make the same house multiple times. 2. You think a wealthy snowbird knows the house she bought for a whopping 8 digits is identical to dozens of others in the same in the same neighborhood? It’s a level of architectural laziness we should not be seeing at that price point. Period.
            3. The only time repeating floor plans is acceptable is in townhouses and condos.
            4. I can’t think of any other area of life where the 1%ers accept conformity. The entire luxury market is geared towards exclusivity. Customization and uniqueness are ironically the norm. No way do I believe they would purposefully do that for their homes.


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