Updated Pics Of A $20 Million 30,000 Square Foot Limestone Mega Mansion In Brookville, NY | Homes of the Rich – The #1 Real Estate Blog


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  • LE

    30K sq ft spec house??? That’s seems insane in any location, even NYC metropolitan area. Anyone with this much money to spend will want to it exactly the way they envision, not thru the eyes of a contractor. The best chance for this to sell is hope that foreign investments are still strong in the region, especially the Chinese who are buying homes like this without even seeing it in person.

  • horselips

    Thirty thousand square feet…twenty million dollars-American…six acres of land…when I contemplate what could have been done with those resources, and what was done, I almost shed a tear.

  • Allen

    Nicely done and beautiful home. Elegant and private. If the “Homes So You Can Bitch” crybabies don’t like it; too bad.


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