Location: 1101 Marine Drive, Laguna Beach, CA

Square Footage: 1,808

Bedrooms & Bathrooms: 3 bedrooms & 3 bathrooms

Price: $75,000,000

Twin Points Estate is a 2+ acre oceanfront estate located at 1101 Marine Drive in Laguna Beach, CA. 

It was named for the two palm tree-covered points of land that divide Shaw’s Cove and Crescent Bay. It is referred to locally as Contino Point and was owned by longtime Laguna Beach residents Dr. Raymond and Phyllis Contino. Dr. Contino received his dental degree from the University of Southern California in 1945 and practiced dentistry in Pasadena, California until 1990 when he retired to Laguna Beach, CA.

The property includes an 1,806 square foot home that was built in 1928 and features 3 bedrooms & 3 bathrooms.

It is listed at $75,000,000.


  • horselips

    ROFLMAO Eighteen hundred square feet on 2 acres, and it’s all yours for $75 million. There’s a sucker born every minute, and hopefully for this seller, sooner or later, one will find this listing.


  • Coon

    Talk about a unique lot. This is a tear down, youre obviously not paying for the house. Put an incredible house on this lot and youre talking about one of the best properties in So Cal.