The Penthouse At Walker Towers In New York, NY Re-Listed For $70 Million | Homes of the Rich – The #1 Real Estate Blog


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  • AndrewF

    Mmm… if I had 70 million… nah! If I had that sort of money I’d get a house in the country, with lots of space around me and lots of garaging. But the interiors of that house would be finished in style similar to this.

  • Allen

    Well, I like the space except for one thing; having to pass through the kitchen or laundry room to get to the dining room.

  • h

    What a décor package – a portrait of MaoTseTung in the foyer, a blown-up pic of a fingerprint in the dining room, a petrified crumpled up newspaper in the home office, another blown-up fingerprint in the master bedroom…WTF. I hope nobody actually paid real money for such ‘inspiration.’ Or, maybe that explains the sudden $20 million price jump in only a year. In any case, for what you don’t get in this dump, and there are too many things to list, I wouldn’t touch it for half the price.

  • Coon

    Holy crap, thats almost $12,000/sq ft


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