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  • horselips

    Thank you Kenny for this wonderful post – my eyes just got laid.
    What is with these asking prices? According to Zillow, the TN house is worth $3.6M, the CA listing is worth $5.5M, NJ is worth $2.2M, NY is worth $6.9M, AZ is worth $6.5M, FL is worth $6.9M, TX is worth $4.2M, and GA only $2.3M. It seems the new rules of the game are to set a laughably absurd price, hope you get lucky, and if not be ready to sell for a fraction, maybe a very small fraction, of the listed price. Obviously, the high-end market conditions are a joke, nobody knows the real value of anything. If I were a buyer, I’d make a laughably absurd offer and see if I got lucky. As long as some of these mansions have been on the market…who knows.

  • John

    Hard to say which one i would pick without seeing the interiors, but #7 & #8 look pretty amazing with those views. #4 Looks like a Mary Kay mansion.

  • John

    I’m torn between #7 and #8 for my favorites on this one. Both on the water with amazing views, and #8 has the water access. However, #7 has some amazing exterior features, like the waterfalls, and that covered patio overlooking the water. The interior would need some work on both.


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