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  • horselips

    Picture 11. Outdoor fireplace. Apparently they intend to enjoy the crisp cool air of an autumn evening. Fine. Picture 12. WTF is the point of building an outdoor kitchen and bar if you don’t put it under the loggia or patio roof? The reason you put it under roof is so you can BBQ or entertain outdoors even in inclement weather. I BBQ year round, and it’s lovely enjoying an outdoor dinner during a soft spring shower.

    • Super

      Apparently you’ve never been to California, let alone paid attention to the news lately? There are no such things as “soft spring showers” in SoCal. They’ll be fine with their outdoor uncovered kitchen. The worst weather that happens in Calabasas is clouds with a slight chill (about 55 degrees) in the middle of winter.

  • Bill_N

    Looks like formal guests have quite a hike to the front entrance


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