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  • Colonial house plans are inspired by the practical homes built by early Dutch, English, French, and Spanish settlers in the American colonies. Colonial home plans often have a salt box shape and are built in wood or brick. Colonial style houses may sport classical details including columned or pedimented porticoes and multi-pane double-hung windows with shutters. Colonial style home plans feature a center stair hall with living room on one side, dining room on the other, and kitchen at the rear. These family-friendly plans make entertaining a special pleasure.


    • horselips

      I fully appreciate the inherent allure offered by practical homes – practical means useful, economical and efficient – all positive attributes. But for a mansion, those virtues are just a beginning. A mansion is much more than a residence, it is an economic and political statement, advertising in no uncertain terms the wealth, status and power of its owner. To fulfill its propaganda objectives it must include architectural ingredients not often seen in lesser residences.
      Size matters. A mansion must be big. And an essential measurement of size is volume. A very large room oppressed by a low ceiling is unsuccessful by definition. Low ceilings limit the level and nature of ornamentation. Multiple public rooms with low ceilings compound the failure. When designing a 2 story mansion, a clever architect includes in the floor plan a 5 car or larger garage, and large alfresco amenities like covered loggias. These areas, along with the kitchen, storage and utility areas, are acceptable with relatively low eight or ten foot ceilings, and should be large enough to provide all the square footage necessary for second floor bedrooms over them. With no rooms located over the first floor principle public rooms, they may all be designed with 2 story ceilings, grand windows, and affectations like columns and pilasters in proper scale. Each can be monumental and impressive.
      This mansion has been given a beautiful elevation, made all the more powerful by its central symmetry, and an impressive foyer, greets the guest, but the public rooms are all squashed – their impact sadly reduced. How much grander they would be with 16 – 20 foot ceilings. Still, I like this house – good job. Sorry for the rant.


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