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  • horselips

    An apartment is just an apartment, no matter where it is, what floor it’s on, or how big it is. Gold plated or not, it is what it is. And at over thirty million dollars, this one is a joke. I’ve seen better kitchens in single-wide trailers. Three bedrooms share one bathroom (!), and one of the bedrooms is about 9’x12.’ Another is 10’x11.’ Kiddin’ me, right? An 8 foot wide karaoke room? Seriously? Oh, and check out that amazing wet bar. Don’t bother looking for a patio or balcony, there isn’t one. Yeah, but what about that living room view! No better place to observe the run down old factories and tenements across the street. I don’t see even one million dollars’ worth of work in this loft, and location can only carry it so far. The seller’s only hope is finding some moron who has a real hardon for Franklin Street. Good luck.

    • housefan

      Maybe well if you look at that way, a house is a house it does not matter where it is as long as it has a roof, a car is a car as long as it takes you from point A to point B, a university degree is a university degree no matter where you get it from. I for one beg to differ.Not all houses are the same, not all cars are the same, not all apartments are the same just like not all people are the same


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