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  • Mak

    Here I was thinking we were going to see someone who stuck to the design elements established by the front; a quaint storybook french norman stone cottage theme. I like that look.

    Then they go a completey fuck it up inside.

    Oh well.

  • horselips

    The elevation is romantic and cozy, the interior needs a little help. I don’t mind an eclectic décor – old can mix with new and I’m fine with that. That said, the skimpy garage and poor alfresco facilities hurt bad, but the 2 story foyer, great room, and library, and the 3 story pool room kicks ass. In my book, volume = value. Sadly, the laughable half-acre lot is a deal breaker.

    • Bill_N

      I’d have been happier if there wasn’t that faux vintage plaster on the brickwork in that swimming pool room. Otherwise the room definitely is a winner.

  • Allen

    The ugly and outdated power lines ruin it for me. Yuck. As for the half acre, that’s no problem. Many cities don’t have multi-acre custom sites to build on. If you want a custom home/mansion and you want to live in that town, you work with what you have.

  • Jackson

    Hmm, definitely an interesting and unique house. I like the two-story library. Though, my main problem with the house is the indoor pool. Although it is a cool room, it takes up almost the whole back of the house. Notice how many of the main rooms lookout onto the pool such as the great room. The pool blocks almost all the views and probably leaves the inside of the house very dark and with a lack of sunlight. Also, I dislike how the front exterior and the back exterior are so different. From the front, I agree it looks like a storybook cottage. Though, the back almost leans contemporary. Oh, and one more thing, I dislike when multi million dollar homes have cheap looking furniture like that in the rec room. It looks like the chairs and sofas were bought at La-Z-Boy or something. Though, of course the new owners can change that.

  • Jackson

    Oh yea, those power lines are awful! And only a 3 car garage? At 11,000 square feet I would expect at least a 4 car.


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