20,000 Square Foot Neoclassical Stone Mansion In Toronto, Canada | Homes of the Rich – The #1 Real Estate Blog


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  • tennis4life

    As I prefer modern to most classical designs, I like the outside of this one though, I have
    walked past it on a couple of occasions, the four columns at the entry are grand, did not know there was a tennis court at the back, always look for one If I get the means to get a property like this. Kenny have a look at another one you may like to feature that I let you know earlier about, just a couple of streets over at http://www.68thebridlepath.com, that property has always been my favorite for the variety of trees on its 4 acre lot, yet theyre getting greedy by asking 25 million, as back in 1996 it was on the market for 5 million!

  • brenda

    Twitches and mean girls house !


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